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Arizona Medicare Plans
Welcome to Michael Higgins Insurance, LLC., a health insurance agency with more than 36 years of experience. Michael Higgins offers individuals 65 years of age and over Medicare supplement plans from Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona.

Why Blue Cross of Arizona Med Supp?

  • Local broker and member support.
  • Liberal underwriting.
  • Now Offering Plan G.
  • Senior Preferred (Medicare Select) statewide network of over 20,000 providers.
  • Senior Preferred competitive pricing (Plan C as low as $102)!
  • Gym membership, hearing aid discount and Rx card included in many plans.
  • Stable rate increases, average of 3.5% per year over last five years. (0% increase in 2017)
  • Plan transfer options available
  • Prices, Application, and Benefit Outline Below (Bottom of Page.)

BCBSAZ now offers Plan G. The only difference between the plan G and the plan F is that the Part B Medicare deductible of $183.00 is not covered on the G plan. For those not familiar, or new to Medicare, Plan F is considered Cadillac coverage, the best supplement plan on the market. By purchasing the G plan you will save approximately $15.00 a month in premium at age 65, and save even more if older. If you rarely go to the doctor, why not pocket the premium savings by going with the G plan. The worst that can happen is that you have to meet the $183.00 Part B deductible, paid for with the premium savings between the F and G plans.

Another plan, the Plan C Senior Preferred, is an excellent value for those that live in Arizona year-round. Starting at $102.00 a month, you will have access to over 20,000 providers in Arizona!

With the continual rise in out of pocket costs associated with Medicare A and B coverage through the federal government, most folks who are 65 years old and over simply can’t afford to be without a supplement policy. Arizona Medicare Supplement plans, also known as Arizona Medigap plans, are a type of private health insurance that helps seniors who have Medicare A and B pay for most of their “out-of-pocket” expenses such as co-insurance, co-payments, or deductibles that the original Medicare policy does not cover. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona Medicare Senior Security Plan F and G cover the vast majority of these costs, excluding prescription medication. Arizona Medicare supplement plans only work in conjunction with Medicare A & B primarily. Michael Higgins would like to remind you that a husband and wife must each buy separate Arizona Medicare supplement plans. A husband and wife may also choose different coverage plans if they would like. Good news is on the way, and starting in late 2017 BCBSAZ will be applying a 5% discount to each BCBSAZ Medicare policy within the same household.

For Arizona residents, you are eligible to apply for an Arizona Medicare supplement plan if you are 65 years of age or older, enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, and meet Arizona residency requirements such as having an Arizona address.

Although Medicare supplement plans have been standardized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, these plans are sold and administered by private companies, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, a non-profit organization. Each type of supplement plan or Medicare Advantage policy offers a different combination of benefits, and premiums can differ from company to company, but typically not by much.

Mike Higgins has chosen to represent Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ because, ” Over the years my experience has been that each time I compared prices and coverage offered by other Arizona health insurance companies for a client, Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona was always the best value.” This is still true to this day.

Please call Mike Higgins at 602.405.8769, any time, any day, to receive a brochure and application for the Medicare supplement plans offered by BCBSAZ. The Senior Security Plan F is a true Medicare supplement policy, not an Arizona Medicare Advantage plan. It is considered, “Cadillac,” coverage by most in the industry, and is the number one seller.

Arizona Senior Security Medicare supplement applicants must have residency in Arizona when applying for coverage, though you may move out of state after enrolling and keep the policy, eliminating the need to shop for another plan in your new hometown.

Arizona Medicare plans

The Senior Security Plan F and G from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona offers the most flexibility and choice for the consumer. There are no “lock-in” provisions and no “service area” restrictions as are found in Medicare Advantage plans or the Blue Cross Arizona Senior Preferred PPO plans. Another convenience is having full Medicare supplemental insurance coverage while traveling throughout the United States, along with limited coverage while traveling abroad. You have the complete freedom to see any Medicare participating hospital, doctor, or a specialist in the country with a Plan F or G.


Michael Higgins Insurance does not offer Part D coverage.

Prescription medication is not a covered expense on any Plan F or G, including the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona Senior Security Plan F and G. Purchasing a separate Part D prescription plan is simple and inexpensive, several of which are considerably less expensive than the national average monthly premium of $33.10. The Walmart/Humana Part D plan is an excellent example of this, it is around $17.00 a month. Please visit to shop for all Part D plans available in your area.


Michael Higgins Insurance does not sell Medicare Advantage/Complete plans, but does offer Medicare supplement plans.

Open Enrollment For Medicare Supplement Plans (or Medigap): The open enrollment period for a Medicare Supplement policy, or, “Medigap,” plan is the first six months of turning age 65, and also enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B. You may submit an application for coverage before turning 65 so that everything is in place, but coverage will not begin before turning 65. If you currently have a supplement plan (not an Advantage plan,) and would simply like to switch insurance companies, you may do so at any time.

Annual Enrollment Period: Between October 15 and December 7 you may enroll in Medicare or a Medicare Supplement plan, or make changes with your plan. The changes made become effective on January 1st.

Medicare Advantage Dis-enrollment Period: Between January 1 and February 14 of each year you may dis-enroll from a Medicare Advantage plan. You may then enroll in original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement plan such as the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona Senior Security Plan F or G.

Special Enrollment Periods: You may enroll at other times of the year under special circumstances. For example, if you move into or out of the supplement plan’s service area. Loss of coverage from an employer or union group plan, or Medicaid, or your current plan is no longer offering coverage, are other examples of a qualifying event.


Please find these 2017 helpful documents below: