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FAQs about Family and Individual Arizona Health Insurance:
Whether you are new to Arizona health insurance coverage or not, many questions typically arise when shopping for plans. If you live in Arizona, individual health insurance plans differ greatly. To help you find an affordable individual health insurance plan that fits your particular circumstances, Higgins Companies has compiled a list of frequently asked questions about individual insurance coverage.

Who needs this type of coverage?

 An individual insurance policy is an ideal type of medical insurance for those who are: self-employed, business owners looking for an alternative to small group health insurance plans, recent college graduates, those in need of an alternative to COBRA, and many other reasons.

Who is eligible for this coverage?
All individual and family health plans are available to you, your family, through the age of 64 years old, and dependent children, whether a full-time student or not. Child-only coverage is also available, though short term policies offer a viable alternative. Please note that temporary short term policies DO NOT qualify under the Essential Benefits rules under the PPACA, (Obamacare.)
What are the coverage limits under this plan?
All plans offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona no longer have maximum coverage limits for each insured. Please refer to the Exclusions and Limitations section for all limitations. Grandfathered plans do not fall under the new federal law.
How do I apply for this coverage?

You must reside in the state of Arizona for at least six months of each year, and be a legal USA resident, to qualify for individual/family health insurance coverage. If you would like to purchase a policy simply call Michael Higgins at 602.405.8769 and he will assist you, or If enrolling outside of the open enrollment period held at the end of each year, a Qualifying Event must be present to enroll.
When does my coverage begin?
The insurance policy most likely will go into effect on the first of the following month, so long as you have enrolled on or before the 15th of the month.
Is a physical exam required to obtain insurance coverage?
Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona does not require a physical exam to be enrolled in an individual, group, or family health insurance plan.

Will my weight affect my premium rates?

No. All health insurance policies are now guaranteed issue, meaning the insurer may no longer decline, or assign a higher premium rate, based on the applicants weight.

Can an application for individual health insurance be turned down, declined?

No. So long as the applicant is applying within the open enrollment period held at the end of each year, or during the year when a Qualifying Event is present, an insurance company may not deny coverage. Please review an individual health insurance plan’s physician network before applying with the plan.
Can I purchase individual health insurance at a lower premium by dealing directly with an insurance company?
No. Health insurance rates are reviewed by the state. Individual health insurance will cost the same amount whether you use an independent agent, or deal directly with an insurance company.
Why should I purchase an individual health insurance plan from an independent agent?
An independent health insurance agent is not an employee of an insurance company. Because he/she is not an employee of the insurance company, an independent agent can more objectively recommend the best company for your situation. In addition, an independent agent will be familiar with insurance company bureaucracies, which can save you a lot of aggravation. Further, if your circumstances change, an independent agent can recommend a more appropriate health insurance plan for you.
What payment choices are there for the initial health insurance premium?
Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona does not require an initial payment of the premium at time of application for individual or family health insurance. For Marketplace plans, the premium must be received by the insurance company before coverage begins.

Can I obtain individual health insurance while I’m pregnant?
Yes, assuming the applicant is applying during open enrollment, or during a qualified event.

Can my coverage be terminated?
Arizona and federal law provide strong consumer protection. In general, the insurance company can terminate your coverage under specific conditions. Example: (1) failure to make the premium payment within the payment grace period, (2) material omission or misrepresentation on your application, or (3) the insurance company entirely withdraws from the individual health insurance business in your state. Termination of coverage due to fraud or material omission is very rare.

What is the difference between Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona and other health insurance carriers?
Technically speaking, Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona is a service organization, and a non-profit organization.
As I get older, do my health insurance premiums increase?
Yes. As people get older they tend to use more health care services so “individual” health insurance companies charge higher rates to older persons and lower rates to younger persons. For example, the health insurance rate charged to a 60-year-old is typically three times the health insurance rate charged to a 26-year-old.
At Michael Higgins Insurance, our goal is to help consumers make informed decisions about their individual and small group health insurance coverage.  Send questions to Mike Higgins,, or call 602.405.8769.