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A Little Good News For A Change

I went on a sales call yesterday. The gentleman purchased an Arizona Medicare supplement policy with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. We ended up chatting for nearly two hours about the new health insurance laws, immigration, taxes, and the general direction most believe this great country is heading.

Thanks to the Internet most of my business, whether Arizona health insurance sales or another business I am involved with, allows me to conduct business via the Net, e-mail, and phone. As convenient and efficient as this may be, it’s good to have a face to face meeting now and again to get a feel for what folks are really thinking out there. Speaking on the phone is one thing, but to actually see the facial mannerisms and body language that go along with a discussion such as this is most valuable.

Sixty percent of the country believe that the country is going in the wrong direction, and the gentleman I met with yesterday was part of this group. If you were to read my other posts it could easily be deduced that I too believe the country is in trouble. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is obvious that I have major problems with the new health insurance law and how it will affect Arizona medical insurance policyholder’s, but as for the country’s future I could not be more excited, and here’s why…

In the next forty years America’s population will grow by one hundred million people. The majority of these people will be young, smart, and enterprising. Only twenty-five percent of the total population of four hundred million people will be over the age of sixty. Japan’s older population will represent forty percent of their total, and China’s will be thirty percent.

America has a couple of things going for it that no other country has. One, we have a fifty percent higher fertility rate than the others, those born after 68′ having larger families. And two, and this is a big one, we are still a huge magnet for immigrants. Did you know that we get half of the world’s skilled immigrant workforce? Since 90′ over one quarter of all new public/private ventures were started by immigrants. The country continues to be the largest giver as well. Last year we donated over three hundred billion dollars. In 64′ there were around fifteen thousand foundations in America, today there are over seventy thousand.

The bottom line is this: We are about to hit the trifecta. America will soon have the population, social, and economic rebirth that made this country great. Continuing to create products that have a moral component to them, rich in meaning, the world will want to buy. Yes, we are in a political mess here in Arizona and across the country, but we are very good at change, disruptive or not.

Michael Higgins

An Arizona health insurance broker.


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Michael Higgins

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April 20th, 2010

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