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Death Panels and Single Payer

Death panels and single payer systems go hand in hand,  like sportscars and BMW’s.

Arizona has been in the news lately, discontinuing funding for certain transplant operations. These transplants used to be covered by the state’s Medicaid program known as AHCCCS, a single payer system.

Around the country many state’s are limiting coverage in their Medicaid programs. Oregon used to have 649 procedures that were covered, today that number is 502. How would you like to be stricken with the 503’rd condition? If you have cancer and have less than a 5% chance of living two or more years when receiving chemo, guess what, you too are out of luck in Oregon because your chemo is no longer covered. Imagine the uproar if a private carrier tried this. But all is not lost in Oregon. Assisted suicide is covered.

If you have plenty of time on your hands you can head to Canada for your surgery. Their single payer system has a median wait time of 18.2 months before you go under the knife. No need to worry about the seriousness of your medical condition either, the Canadian government will decide for you just how serious your malady is.

It is important to remember that most supporters of Obamacare see this new law as a first step toward a single payer system. Example after example of government run programs failing to deliver what was promised will never change their mind it seems.

Obamacare must be overturned, as anything is better than what was forced down our throats.

Michael Higgins

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Michael Higgins

Posted on:
January 28th, 2011

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