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I was glad that you answered the phone. I know I made a good choice choosing you as my broker and applying with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. The more I think about it, the more I want to be with a company that has widespread recognition and is everywhere. So thanks again for everything!
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You have provided professional & friendly guidance to our family for so many years and I hope you know how much we appreciate your help!!



False Health Insurance AZ Stories

A day or two ago I wrote about President Obama’s mother’s fight with cancer, a fight she ultimately lost sadly. President Obama told the story many times of how the insurance company rejected her medical insurance claims while on her deathbed. The truth is that the health insurer paid every claim, it was a disability insurer that denied her claim, yet the country had it’s health insurance market turned on it’s head.

Then there was the story of Mr. Raddatz in 2009, another cancer patient. We were told that his insurer refused to pay his claims because he did not divulge a gallstone on his application back in 2005. The truth is that the insurer paid the claims, he was treated for cancer in 2005, and died four years later.

Then there was Ms. Beaton… In 2009 once again our president told the story of this breast cancer patient losing her coverage because she did not divulge an acne outbreak on her application. The truth: She, “forgot,” to mention her heart condition, and her stated weight was wildly off from reality. After much public pressure the insurer reinstated her policy. Outright lying pays off I guess, and you and I pay the price.

Then there was Mr. Brodniak. Unemployed, Mr. Brodniak was reportedly turned away by doctors working at an emergency room because he was diagnosed with a neurological condition. The newspaper reporter writing the story called this, “monstrous.” The reality: Mr. Brodniak was insured through Medicaid, and was also receiving care from a world renowned neurological center. He was never turned away from care, the doctors gave him a referral to a specialist.

Oh, let’s not forget little boy Owens, 11 years old. The boy stood next to President Obama while he signed Obamacare into law. The President has no shame. Little boy Owen’s mom died at 27 years of age after a heart condition got the best of her, sad no matter the circumstances. Young Mr. Owens was dubbed an insurance abuse survivor. His mother received the best of care, was never dropped from coverage, and the state offered her many programs to assist her and her three children, as the father was nowhere to be found. Young Mr. Owen’s family members and friends worked for several progressive groups, hence the, “insurance abuse survivor,” title.

Lastly, Ms. Canfield.  a cancer patient, President Obama had her stand at a rally for a little applause after she wrote a letter to him, worried about the rising cost of health insurance and fear of losing her home. The truth: The clinic treating her put it in writing, and stated publicly, that they will never put a lien on her home. They also told her she qualifies for many aid/assistance programs through the state.

Since the passage of Obamacare, premiums have risen a minimum of 15%. Thousands of companies have received or requested waivers, and the family health insurance market is in tatters.

Thank you Mr. President.

Michael Higgins

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Michael Higgins

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July 15th, 2011

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