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Federal Disability Insurance And The Economy

A fairly recent phenomenon is occurring in the Arizona health insurance market. Inquiries into Medicare supplement policies for those under the age of 65 have risen dramatically in recent months. An applicant for Medicare disability benefits that is under the age of 65 must have a qualified disability to enroll in the federal program. As Medicare disability does not cover 100% of medical expenses one may incur, supplement policies are purchased to pick up the remaining costs. In Arizona there are no health insurance companies offering Arizona Medicare supplement policies to those under 65 any longer, forcing applicants to enroll in Medicare Advantage type plans.

But why the dramatic increase in mental disability claims, and the corresponding increase in Medicare enrollment for those under the age of 65? As President Clinton was apt to say, “It’s the economy stupid.” As the long-term unemployed run out of benefits, they are turning to other safety nets to continue receiving money to survive in these tough times. Unlike unemployment benefits that have a limited benefit period, mental health disability benefits are usually for life, a cost the American taxpayer now must pay to the tune of $200,000,000,000 a year! 10.5 million disability checks now go out each month, a record number. Adding to this gloomy situation is the fact that these unemployed individuals are no longer included in the national unemployment figures, giving the general public false hope that the economy is getting better.

Medicare’s disability fund is projected to run out of money in six years, though this may happen much more quickly if the upward trend of applicants continues at it’s current pace. It is estimated that 25% of those awarded disability benefits through Medicare are the long-term unemployed that have run out of unemployment insurance.

Another question that remains unanswered is why there are no longer any Arizona health insurance companies offering Medicare supplement policies to those under the age of 65. An educated guess would be that these insurers are concerned with the affects of, “adverse selection.” If Medicare disability benefits for those with mental issues are the easiest to qualify for, and 25% of the newly enrolled are those that have been unemployed for over 99 weeks or more, the chances of these individuals filing claims on a long-term, consistent basis will rise exponentially.

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Michael Higgins

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February 21st, 2012

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