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Medicare Flyer, The Propaganda Begins

Your tax dollars have been spent recently to send out a Medicare,, flyer that is filled with half-truths and bold-faced lies. The government says that they had to send it out to prevent con men from ripping off the elderly on Medicare. If anyone is going to rip off the elderly certainly the government doesn’t want anyone else getting in on their action.

For those on a Medicare Complete type of plan they will lose benefits and their costs are going to rise, this is a fact. You don’t cut half a trillion dollars from something and have everything remain the same. The administration’s own actuary says that benefits will be cut. The flyer says that Medicare health insurance benefits will be preserved and strengthened.

The lie, or more accurately the bait and switch, is where the flyer says that for those with a Medicare Advantage plan, ” will receive guaranteed Medicare benefits.” Medicare Advantage plans always had Medicare basic benefits. It’s the other benefits that Medicare Advantage plans offer that will be cut. The elderly will be shocked when providers start billing them directly instead of their Medicare Advantage supplement provider. The elderly will not like the fact that their doctors have dropped off the plan either, leaving them to search for another hard to find physician. No health insurance company is going to stick around when billions of dollars are no longer available to pay for medical services that they now cover.

The flyer goes on to mention other benefits of ObamaCare that have nothing to do with Medicare, yet we the taxpayer have paid for this advertisement.

Michael Higgins

An Arizona health insurance broker.


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Michael Higgins

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May 30th, 2010

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