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Thank you so much for helping me get my insurance so quickly. I appreciate all of your help. I will definitely recommend you to my fellow classmates.
— Dave
Mr. Higgins explained in ways that I can understand. His compassion was unequal!
— Roxanne,
Thanks, Michael, I truly appreciate your prompt assistance…
— Laura
Thank you. This is helpful and I appreciate your time and assistance.
— Rick,
I was glad that you answered the phone. I know I made a good choice choosing you as my broker and applying with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. The more I think about it, the more I want to be with a company that has widespread recognition and is everywhere. So thanks again for everything!
— Liza,
“Hi Mike,
…my mother lives in Texas, but I thought I would ask you (a question about health insurance,) since the
comments about you on the website were heartfelt.

Thank you.

Houston, TX
— Rick,


You have provided professional & friendly guidance to our family for so many years and I hope you know how much we appreciate your help!!



Promises, Promises

The many promises of this administration made to individuals and small business owners and not kept are starting to catch up to those breaking their word. So much so in fact that the president has been sent on a road trip to small business owners, trying to reverse the impression that he is anti-business. He is touting his plan for tax cuts and freeing up credit so that business owners can buy the things they need. Unfortunately, they have heard this all before.

What concerns the small business owner most these days is ObamaCare, and the millions of additional 1099k’s they are now required to fill out each year thanks to the new health insurance law. This bit of the new law forced down the business person’s throat in the cover of darkness will sink many mom and pop stores, or, at a minimum, cause them to cut way back on the number of suppliers they deal with. If they hire someone to fill out all these additional forms this will raise prices. More likely though this new law will put people out of business, plain and simple. There was a time, a simpler time, when all the business owner had to worry about with ObamaCare was increased premiums.

Michael Higgins


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Michael Higgins

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August 5th, 2010

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