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Public Option Money Pit

A long-standing dream of the left is to have a public option when it comes to Arizona health insurance, and medical insurance throughout the country.
Included in Obamacare is a public option, only it has been named a, “CO-OP.” The CO-OP, or socialized medicine as it is known more commonly, is an attempt to finally have the government be the only health insurance company remaining in the USA. It would be the mother-load for the left, to have each and every American rely on the federal government for their health care from birth to death.

These CO-OP’S are to be funded by the federal government to the tune of six billion dollars in the beginning, a seed for socialized medicine throughout the country. Republicans sliced two billion from the program recently, announcing that without such funding these CO-OP’s were DOA. Dead they are not, the government announcing the other day that they sent out nearly a billion dollars to eight states to get these competition killers going. During the next year the Medicare administrators will spend many billions more setting up CO-OP’S throughout the country. State exchanges, federally monitored, yet called, “marketplace,” health insurance policies, who knew. If this administration doesn’t like certain connotations, “socialized medicine,” invokes, simply change the name to something that’s more appealing like, “marketplace,” based products.

Donate to Obama and receive a waiver. Member of a union, you too need not buy Arizona health insurance or a group health insurance policy like all those for-profit, greedy corporations. Talk about a rigged system, skewering the for-profit health insurance companies, and you the tax-payer, once again. But not to worry, President Obama assures us that there are many safety measures in place to make sure these billions of dollars of tax-payer dollars invested in the CO-OP’S are safe and sound. Like Solyndra, you can rest assured that at the first sign of trouble this administration will double down. Fortunately, the administration has already removed any future surprises of CO-OP bankruptcies by announcing up front that forty percent of them will fail. That’s right folks, betting big with your money comes naturally to our Chicago Politician In Chief, never mind a near 50/50 chance of failure.

Guess who recently received over three hundred million dollars for their CO-OP? Sara Horowitz is her name, someone Obama has worked with in the past. She has spent her adult life working toward socialized medicine for the country. She runs the CO-OP named, “Freelancers Union.” Flush with new money she hopes to snag a couple of hundred thousand more New Yorkers into her, “social-purpose company.” Unfortunately for the existing clients of the Freelancers Union, being a member of this CO-OP has resulted in higher premiums, horrible customer service, and a reduction in group health insurance benefits compared to group health insurance carriers not part of a CO-OP.

Another winner of millions in tax-payer dollars is an organization founded by Saul Alinsky, author of, “Rules for Radicals.” Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative in Wisconsin has so far received nearly sixty million dollars. Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative in Wisconsin is an affiliate of Industrial Areas Foundation, founder Alinsky. And where did Industrial Areas Foundation get their money? From none other than Gregory Galluzzo, Obama’s friend, and someone he regularly met with. Thank goodness Obamacare was passed so that we could see what’s in it.

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Michael Higgins

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February 27th, 2012

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