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Roe v. Wade and The Individual Mandate

The main argument in Roe v Wade is the right of a , “zone of privacy,” for each individual. Let’s assume the government has the right to regulate health care. Even if this were true it can’t to do in a way that violates our constitutional rights. As an example the government can’t take away our right to assemble because doing so spreads germs and would burden the health care insurance system.

Privacy is a fundamental right according to Roe. The court agreed and said that we have the right to take care of our own health and person. Part of this right to privacy is the right to refuse health care. Even if a procedure would save your life you have the right to refuse it.

If our right to privacy allows us to make decisions relating to autonomy and health, doesn’t it give us the right to not by health insurance.

Because of the individual health insurance mandate, citizens will have to divulge personal medical care to health insurance comings forever.

Many have argued that the individual health insurance mandate is a tax and therefore it is legal. The courts have ruled that the government can’t tax as an ends to a means regarding something that is illegal to begin with. As an example you can’t have a special tax on a news station just because the station holds a certain political belief. Whenever liberals become strict constitutionalists you know they know they are in trouble.

Michael Higgins


An Arizona health insurance broker.

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June 17th, 2010

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