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You have provided professional & friendly guidance to our family for so many years and I hope you know how much we appreciate your help!!



The Myth of Deficit Neutrality

For months before the passage of ObamaCare we were told of this amazingly good deal for America. We were going to lower the deficit, insure 30 million additional citizens, and not cut health insurance benefits in anyway. We could also keep our plan if we wanted to, not requiring us to enroll in a government mandated policy. This was the promise, as crazy as it was.

The other day President Obama said, “Bending the cost curve on health care is hard to do. . . . We didn’t think that we were going to cover 30 million people for free.” You didn’t? Before passage you said it wouldn’t add a penny to the deficit. Well, the other day the Centers For Medicare, Here, and Medicaid released a report that stated that the cost curve will go up as a result of ObamaCare. And this conclusion assumes that Medicare will actually cut payments to doctors by 23% in a few months. Of course that’s never going to happen. How about the tax on Cadillac plans starting in 2018, do you think the unions will allow this tax to kick in? Again, of course not. And the figures also assume that the Medicare board will actually put a cap on spending, something that’s never happened, and never will, seniors won’t allow it.

Here we have a president that purposely mislead the public on the costs involved in Obamacare, one of his own agencies stating that it will cost us billions and billions of dollars, and yet he will never admit the huge mistake that has been made.


Michael Higgins


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Michael Higgins

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September 17th, 2010

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