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Thank you so much for helping me get my insurance so quickly. I appreciate all of your help. I will definitely recommend you to my fellow classmates.
— Dave
Mr. Higgins explained in ways that I can understand. His compassion was unequal!
— Roxanne,
Thanks, Michael, I truly appreciate your prompt assistance…
— Laura
Thank you. This is helpful and I appreciate your time and assistance.
— Rick,
I was glad that you answered the phone. I know I made a good choice choosing you as my broker and applying with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. The more I think about it, the more I want to be with a company that has widespread recognition and is everywhere. So thanks again for everything!
— Liza,
“Hi Mike,
…my mother lives in Texas, but I thought I would ask you (a question about health insurance,) since the
comments about you on the website were heartfelt.

Thank you.

Houston, TX
— Rick,


You have provided professional & friendly guidance to our family for so many years and I hope you know how much we appreciate your help!!



Two Hundred And Counting

Over two hundred companies and unions now have a free ride when it comes to Obamacare. That is, these entities do not have to abide by the rules imposed on their competitors under the new health insurance law. Thanks to the HHS waivers, these companies and unions will save millions of dollars in the bank while all others will begin the process of laying off employees or dropping health coverage all together to stay competitive.

Just two months ago there were only 29 unions and companies that had received waivers excluding them from the Obamacare mandates. Sixty days later that number has increased nearly tenfold, and there is no sign of this slowing down.

A teacher’s union in the country, with 351,000 members, received a waiver, as did McDonald’s and Jack In The Box. Unless Burger King gets a waiver, it isn’t tough to see what a huge financial disadvantage they will experience, having to spend millions more on health insurance while their competitors do not. What is ironic is that most unions fought hard for Obamacare. It wasn’t until they read the fine print, (remember, Ms. Pelosi said it had to be passed into law so that we could see what was in it,) that they realized there was no way they could afford such a plan.

Thankfully, many more Americans are realizing just how important it is to repeal Obamacare, and replace it with a completely different program such as this… Repeal and Replace.

Michael Higgins


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Michael Higgins

Posted on:
December 12th, 2010

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