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I was glad that you answered the phone. I know I made a good choice choosing you as my broker and applying with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. The more I think about it, the more I want to be with a company that has widespread recognition and is everywhere. So thanks again for everything!
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U.S.A. Best Health Care System In The World, For Now

We lead the world in life expectancy.

Over the years I have heard, from the left, that America’s birthrate and life expectancy rates are some of the worst in the world. This, they say, is reason enough to have a single payer, government run health care system in America.

The problem with this conclusion is that it is based on a set of figures that mean absolutely nothing. Regarding life expectancy, those 55 and older in the USA  are considerably sicker than those in other developed countries, yet we live longer than any other non-American. In fact we have more 80+ year old individuals than any other country. Why are we sicker? Diet. We are richer than most and can afford fatty, tasty meals, and lots of them. Why do we live longer? We aggressively treat the elderly with the latest treatments and medications, things not available to most non-Americans.

Infant mortality: Data definition, or lack thereof, explains why some may think that the USA has a higher infant mortality rate than most other countries. The reality is that America calculates infant deaths as just that, deaths. Most other countries stretch the truth when it comes to such a sad occasion. As an example, France and Japan will consider the resuscitation of a premature baby that later dies as a stillborn, the USA listing the outcome as a death. If apple to apple comparisons were done between the countries, the USA would have a much high success rate than any other.

There is a reason why Kings and Queens fly from around the world to receive care in the states. You know you must be doing something right when one of the top dogs of the Canadian health care system flies to New York for his bypass surgery instead of receiving care in the government run system in his own country.

For all the problems our health care system has, and the fact that many more problems are on the way thanks to Obamacare, we still enjoy the highest quality care in the world.

Michael Higgins


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Michael Higgins

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December 14th, 2010

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