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Thank you so much for helping me get my insurance so quickly. I appreciate all of your help. I will definitely recommend you to my fellow classmates.
— Dave
Mr. Higgins explained in ways that I can understand. His compassion was unequal!
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Thanks, Michael, I truly appreciate your prompt assistance…
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Thank you. This is helpful and I appreciate your time and assistance.
— Rick,
I was glad that you answered the phone. I know I made a good choice choosing you as my broker and applying with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. The more I think about it, the more I want to be with a company that has widespread recognition and is everywhere. So thanks again for everything!
— Liza,
“Hi Mike,
…my mother lives in Texas, but I thought I would ask you (a question about health insurance,) since the
comments about you on the website were heartfelt.

Thank you.

Houston, TX
— Rick,


You have provided professional & friendly guidance to our family for so many years and I hope you know how much we appreciate your help!!



Moderate Democrats A Myth

Democrats jumped at the chance, literally, to encourage a foreign leader to demean a state in America the other day. They applauded Mexico’s president as he spoke to Congress, telling us all that is wrong with America.

The patriotic Democrat went out the window the second they rose in unison to clap for Calderon. Never mind that the vast majority of Americans support Arizona and their desire to stop illegal immigration, Democrat’s see more in common with a shadowy individual than the majority of their countrymen.

The moderate Democrat went out the window as well when they voted for ObamaCare. Leading Americans on, telling them they care about the unborn, all they were really concerned about was getting their own backroom deal. A small minority of people were unhappy with their health insurance, ObamaCare’s answer is to shut health insurance companies down or nationalize them. private health insurance will become a thing of the past. The government will swoop in to save the day with a single payer system.

It’s the same thing with the oil leak disaster. One leak, one large leak to be sure, and the government shuts down all oil production within a thousand miles. Any chance the administration gets to take over what has always been in the private sector they will. Get the voters dependent on the government every chance you get is the Democrat’s game plan, guaranteeing votes for years to come.

Health insurance as we know it is in jeopardy. The only way to stop this huge mistake is to vote Republican in November.

Michael Higgins


An Arizona health insurance agent.

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Posted by:
Michael Higgins

Posted on:
June 4th, 2010

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