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The Negative Spin On Health Insurance

We have all read and heard the terms lately relating to ObamaCare as a health insurance plan that will lead to Socialism. Inevitably Hitler and the Nazi’s are somehow worked into the topic, as ridiculous as this may be.

It can be argued though that ObamaCare has the feeling of Socialism to some extent, or at least the groundwork for something that resembles a Socialist program. When we consider past statements from President Obama it is understandable how some may come to this conclusion. Recently President Obama stated when discussing the economy that, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” His famous conversation with Joe The Plumber didn’t help matters when he said he just wants to, “spread the wealth around.” The President has also said that he does not begrudge those that are wealthy so long as it is, “fairly earned.” Good thing for him considering the fact that he cleaned up last year thanks to book sales. And no, I do not believe that President Obama is a Muslim, (not that there’s anything wrong with that as Seinfeld would say,) a non-citizen, a full blown Socialist, or any other derogatory term applied to him. In fact I believe he is one of the most intelligent men that we have had running this country in a generation. My respect for him went up measurably once ObamaCare passed. He kept pushing for passage in the face of staunch opposition from just about everyone, taking advantage of majorities in the house and senate.

So is ObamaCare the beginning of a long-term plan by the president to have a single payer health insurance plan for the nation? A plan with equal benefits for all? All evidence points to the affirmative. It has been a long time dream of many left-leaning Democrats to have the government run health care, the belief that health insurance is a right. If only there were any examples of a government run entitlement program that is not running deficits I would be more willing to consider their point of view on this topic.

The fix for health insurance in Arizona and every other state is fairly simple, get the government out of private commerce. Let the market control costs, spending, and the number of uninsured. This is the main problem today, mandates from the federal and state governments, forcing health insurance companies to include coverage for medical procedures many would rather not have covered or pay for. If the government truly wanted to address the uninsured problem for those with pre-existing conditions they should have set up state-based high risk pools and funded them accordingly. Doing so would certainly cost less than $2.5 trillion dollars. As for the rest of the uninsured, they would be able to afford coverage once the mandates are eliminated.

Unfortunately, the road we are heading down now with Arizona health insurance is one in which U-Turns will be difficult to make if we do not act soon. The November elections seem to be our best bet, and hopefully all eligible voters will arrive at the polls and cast their vote.

Michael Higgins

An Arizona medical insurance agent.


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Michael Higgins

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May 4th, 2010

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