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The True Cost of Health Insurance

The CBO released another report yesterday revealing the true cost of ObamaCare. What was most stunning is the fact that the Congressional Budget Office stated that they simply did not have enough time before passage of the new health insurance law to accurately calculate the true cost of the national medical insurance plan. Amazing really, to pass one of the largest bill’s in a lifetime and have no idea the costs involved.

The CBO estimates that the new health insurance law will cost the country, at a minimum, another $115 billion over the next decade. It has been calculated that the true cost of medical insurance for all will be $2.5 trillion dollars, not under $1 trillion as promised by this administration.

Meanwhile the popularity of this new health insurance policy for the country has hit an all-time low, thanks to reports of large corporations considering dropping their group health insurance entirely and paying the fines instead.

Have you ever wondered what $2.5 trillion looks like? Take a stack of $1000 bills 3.5 inches tall and you have $1 million dollars. Continue adding $1000 bills until the stack reaches 350 feet in the air, that $1 billion. Now duplicate the 350 foot stack of $1000 bills 2500 times and you have the cost of the new health insurance law of the land. And for what? The majority were happy with their medical plans before the law, though all would agree changes needed to be made.

It’s all about cultivating votes, plain and simple. Create a nanny state and you have guaranteed votes from all that participate. The CBO report, which is only the latest in a string of bad news for ObamaCare, should help to overturn this law. 56% now favor repeal of this very expensive health insurance policy for America, a law that will still leave 19 million uninsured.

Michael Higgins

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May 12th, 2010

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